Is Funeral Insurance Right for You

Having the foresight to assure that your family is well-cared for after your death may be a tough topic to approach with them, but it is a necessary conversation. Most people would prefer to avoid this issue for as long as possible but addressing it sooner rather than later can give you peace of mind.

Important Reasons to Purchase Funeral InsuranceFuneral insurance or final expense insurance basically covers the funeral expenses and leftover death benefits can be used for other purposes. If you purchase higher death benefits, then whatever left after paying for funeral, can be used for additional purposes such as paying off debt, personal loan, tuition fees, legacy and so on.

Let’s find out some important reasons why you should purchase funeral insurance and if it is the right fit for you:

  • There are several reasons to purchase affordable funeral insurance, financial security being the most important one if your family is dependent on your income. This insurance can help pay end of life expenses that will free your family up to grieve the loss of you in their lives. It can also help with medical bills, credit card balances and other costs that may have accrued over the course of your life.
  • Planning your funeral may seem morbid, but it is the best way to assure that your ceremony is what you would want if you were around for it. You would be able to set up what you need, purchase the appropriate materials and products as well as your final resting place. This is another way to free the family up from the administrative details that can be difficult and confusing to make decisions for in those stressful times.
  • Another reason to pay for your funeral upfront is a way to assure that the bill gets paid. At times, the funeral home and director gets stuck paying for many costs as the family had not planned on the death of their loved one. If this is taken care of, then the family can spend their time with their friends and family through the sad times.
  • It is a positive way to take care of the death process and can teach and allow people around you that death is not a sad affair, but can be a celebration of your life. Many people prefer to see death as the return home and not as the loss of the body. It can be a way to create a new tradition in the family so that there is more security in place in case of an early death.

Note: The average funeral cost in the USA is $8,500 approximately by 2014 according to National Funeral Directors Association. So your funeral insurance coverage should be higher than this thinking about future money inflation.

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