Affordable Funeral Planning: Why, How and Where to Get?

Most people give little or no thought to planning their own funeral. The reason why is completely obvious. The thought of dying is an extremely hard thing to face, especially when you are healthy. That being said there are benefits to giving this topic some thought. As the old saying goes, proper planning prevents poor performance. Just a thought, but a good idea would be to pre plan funeral arrangements before it is too late.

Even life insurance over 70 is available abundantly these days and underwriting process is very fast. You will find specialized website like Secure Senior Life Insurance that is making things easier for you by comparing the rates and finding the best one for you. You can apply free quotes and compare price by yourself as well. Usually, if the paperwork is ready, you can expect the policy to be in effect within couple of days.

Once you reach a certain age you will find yourself attending more funerals than weddings. The ironic thing is funerals and weddings have a lot in common. While one represents the beginning of things to come, the other symbolizes the end. Both events involve the gathering of family and friends, flowers, food, music, and a religious ceremony. They also both require much planning.

There are a few questions you should to ask yourself before starting the pre planning process. Have you received any benefits from project planning, career planning, financial planning, travel planning, or planning other activities for yourself and your family? The second question is, are you a take control of the situation person? If you answered yes than coming up with a pre plan for funeral arrangements certainly fits your personality.

There are five other great reasons why you should pre plan your funeral.

  1. The loved ones in charge of your funeral will be able to carry out your exact wishes when you pass away. Perhaps there is a certain poem you would like read, a song or songs played, or certain foods served. This way you can have some control, and be truly honored at your last hurrah.
  2. You will reduce stress for your family because they will have an exact plan to follow.
  3. The emotional toll of your death will be greatly reduced for your loved ones. For example it is extremely difficult to pick out a casket the day or the day after someone dies. People do not want to make those difficult choices when they are grieving.
  4. Many funeral homes will allow you to pay them on a payment plan. If you start that now your funeral could be paid in full by the time it takes place. With an average funeral costing over $9,000 this will certainly remove the financial burden from your family.
  5. You can live your life with peace of mind knowing that your family will carry out your final wishes. In addition you know that your loved ones will be left without the burden of planning and paying for your funeral.

Although it may certainly be difficult to picture planning your own funeral, it helps to picture the process as a memorable and even fun time that will end up being a final celebration of your life instead of a miserable experience for the ones you love the most.

Where to Find Quotes?

So, where do you find senior life coverage and plan for funerals? We recommend you to visit the following websites (they are reliable and trustworthy by the way..)  in order to get free life quotes in your area and compare the rate online:

Secure Senior Life Insurance

State Farm